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How do I best use the Eye Care product?

We always recommend dripping into the eye from the outside. Because your pet blinks with the eyes, the product spreads well over the eyeball.

How can I get rid of those dirty tear marks?

First, clean the eyes with the Eye Care as described above. Then drop some Crystal Oil on a cotton swab and rub it up and down over the tear stripes a few times (be careful that the oil does not get into the eyes!). Clean again with some Eye Care and repeat the Crystal Oil treatment. You can then leave it in place. For light coats it can help to put a drop of Jean Peau Snow White shampoo on a washcloth, wet it and wash the fur around the eyes (not in the eyes!).

What is the best way to wash?

The easiest way is to take an old 1.5 liter soda bottle and clean it well. Then add 1 or 2 little finger thicknesses of our product depending on the size of the dog and dilute with lukewarm water. This creates 1.5 liters of shampoo so that you can wash your pet very nicely. We also have special mixing bottles. This works the same: fill with product up to the mark and dilute with lukewarm water. Always shake before use.


Always wash the pet 2x. Wet the coat. For the first wash, use half of the shampoo mixture you have prepared and spread it evenly over your pet’s coat. Massage well and then rinse. Then use the rest of the shampoo mixture for the second wash, immediately after. Let it soak for a while (preferably 3-4 minutes, longer is allowed, shorter is no problem) and rinse well again.


You can dry the dog after washing, but you can also use a conditioner. You do this in the same way as with the shampoo: diluted. You can leave the conditioner in for a few minutes and then rinse well. But you can also leave it in the coat. If the temperature is above 20 degrees for a longer period of time, it forms nice protection. The coat will then become less dry and will also discolour less. You will not only have complete care, but also a UV filter. If a dog has a lot of tangles and you don’t want to punish the dog by having to comb a lot, you can also use a conditioner. Then put the dog in the bath with tangles. Tangles are easier to brush out afterwards. However, you will never get rid of felting in this way!


If you want to wash only a small part of the dog and not the whole dog, use distilled water, boiled water or bottled water instead of tap water. Then the diluted shampoo keeps longer. Tap water will smell after a week, distilled, boiled or bottled water will not bother you. This also applies to small dogs. That way you can use the diluted shampoo again at a later time (maximum 3 weeks). 

What is the best way to brush?

The definition of brushing is to untangle the coat. In principle, you always do this by using a pin brush, because it goes deeper through the coat than the other types of brushes. You can hold the brush by the handle, but you can also choose to hold the brush head in your hands; that is more comfortable in the hand and you can hold the brush a bit more firmly.


After you are done brushing, use a comb to go through the coat again to make sure all tangles have actually been brushed out. With a short-haired coat, first brush against the direction of the hair and then brush again in the same direction. This also adds shine when using the hair brushes.


With a long coat you can brush in 2 ways: Standing: lift the hair and slowly brush it back down. Lying down: Lay the animal on its side with the legs facing you. Sweep all the hair up and then start brushing the hair back down layer by layer.

When do I use which product?

We can imagine that it is not always easy to choose between all our products. Each product has its own specific property, not every product is suitable for every coat, etc. With the following overview we will help you on the right track.

When do you use which product?


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