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Pin brushes

This series is very extensive and consists of 6 variants: a small oval brush, a large oval brush with long pins, with medium pins, and with short pins and a narrow brush with long or short pins. The choice for the size and model of the brush can be reduced to the size of the hand or the size of the dog. The choice of the various lengths of the pins depends on the coat of your pet: The shorter the coat, the shorter the length of the pins can be. If the coat is long or very thick, use a brush with a longer pin that goes deeper through the coat. As a result, you don’t always have to brush in layers to reach the bottom coat. If you also want to detangle the coat, it is better to brush in layers. Then choose a brush with more strength and a shorter pin.

In addition to the brushes mentioned, we also have a small pin brush, which, like the small oval brush from the large series, is also often used in the rodent world and for cats. In addition, these brushes can be used to help children with brushing. So you can teach them how to brush. The quality of these brushes is equal to that of the large series.