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Premium Brushes

In addition to our ‘normal’ brushes, we also have a series of premium brushes. These are also available in 2 variants, namely Bristle and Bristle / Nylon. Both variants are available in 3 sizes: large (Superb), medium (Classic) and small (Mini).

What is the difference between the standard brushes and the premium brushes, besides price?

Our regular brushes are made of bear hair on a canvas cushion. The nylon that is used is somewhat harder and stiffer in quality. The premium brushes are based on the Mason & Pearson brushes, known for human use, and contain real boar hair on a rubber cusion. The nylon of the premium brushes is also much softer. That makes this brush much more supple. However, we have chosen to use a wooden handle, where the Mason & Pearson brushes have a plastic handle. The reason for this is that a wooden handle does not break when the brush slips from your hands. The premium hair brush also has no copper layer; this is not needed, because the boar hair has the same effect.

With the premium brushes, we advise never to spray sprays on the brush, because these can affect the rubber. So if you want to brush your pet with a nourishing or detangling spray, always use the regular brushes. It can do no harm with those brushes.